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Hi, thank you for visiting my Blog! My name is Agnes. I am a Callanetics Exercise Teacher, a Chakradance Facilitator, and a Transformational Coach. Positively impacting people’s lives fulfils me and I am passionate about it. As a Callanetics Teacher I help women to have a strong, shapely, feminine body and to be the best version of themselves. As a Chakradance Facilitator I help people to hear their soul's message, to balance their inner and outer worlds and their whole energy systems. As a Transformational Coach I help people to distinguish what is in the way of what they desire and to overcome their obstacles. I look forward to connect with you!


How can I see myself in others?

#1 - How can you get rid of your buttons

... that other people keep pressing?

Do you ever wonder why you and the people in your relationships get upset?

Discover with me the 'Laws of the Mirror' about getting upset and start improving the quality of your relationships right away ...


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